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Chez Jean-Mi

Chez Jean-Mi

Baranowo Μπαρανόβο - Little Red Riding Hood
APRIL 2011 - Working on a film about Little Red Riding Hood
There lived a girl that everyone they called  Little Red Riding Hood,  because of the velvet cap, which she received from her grandmother and wore it all the time. One day her  mother sent Little Red Riding Hood to her ill grandmother with food in a basket. Little Red Riding Hood met a wolf in the forest. Hood thought that the grandmother will be pleased with ​​bouquet of flowers and began to collect them away more and more into the forest. Meanwhile the wolf ran to Grandma's house. He introduced himself as Little Red Riding Hood and the grandmother allowed him to go inside.He ate  Grandma , dressed up in her clothes. Soon   Red Riding Hood
came to the place . She was surprised when she saw the door open. Grandma looked very strange. Hood asked: why has such great ears, eyes, hands, and the wolf answered each question. Then he jumped out of bed and ate Little Red Riding Hood. the ranger passed near hut. He was surprised to hear loud snoring. He decided to check whether at Grandma's all right. When he saw the sleeping wolf he wanted to shoot him but thought he could still manage to save his grandmother and Red Riding Hood. He ordered the wolf spit Granny and Red Riding Hood.  ranger took the wolf into the woods. They were all very happy.               

Creation date : 05/06/2011 · 23:38
Last update : 07/06/2011 · 21:15
Category : Baranowo Μπαρανόβο
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