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Chez Jean-Mi

Chez Jean-Mi

Keri κερί-Ζάκυνθος - Our village
Keri village is found in the mountainous southwesterly tip of Zakynthos.
The village is a good example of the local architecture with stone houses, narrow alley ways and balconies, full of beautiful and fragrant flowers.
            The villagers are friendly and humorous. The local dialect includes many Italian words.
            The locals love music and to serenade with songs of love and nature. They also enjoy dancing the local dances of Zakynthos, the bolt (Sirtos), Gargittos and the «Hunter» (Kinigos). Also love the European dances like the Tango, Waltz, Polka and the Quadrille. The local folk arts and graft have developed from everyday needs, such as weaving, pottery, wood carvings and stone building.
            Nowadays the locals engage in agriculture –olives graves and vineyards, tourism during the summer, fishing and the production of local products (eg. Honey, sesame bars, local cheese and wine). The women still kneads and bakes bread in their own wooden ovens.
            During the Venetian occupation here the local theater was developed. Still today there are groups of young people involved in this connections type theater, which was named “Speech”. Examples of this theater can we seen during the nation holidays and Second Day of Easter when the whole village celebrate.
The jewel of Keri village is the church of Panagia Keri. It is not know exactly its original from as it was. Renovated in the 1700’s. In 1850 an Icon was found in the vicinity of the church. The Icon showed an image of Mary holding Christ in her Right Arm. This is very unusual in the tradition of the Orthodox Iconography. There is also a second smaller church in the village built in the 15th century and called “Holy Friday”. It celebrates on July 26th.
            There is a lighthouse on the high cliffs of one side of the village. From there you can see the most beautiful sunsets of Ionian Islands. There is also a collection of 40 water wells in the village where people used to go to drink. During the summer Keri opens restaurants serving local dishes and products.
            Keri belongs to the municipality of Lagans. Here pass migrating birds at various times of the year. 5 km from the small port of Limni Keri you can find the picturesque bay of Laganas; wish belongs to the National Marine Park of Zakynthos.
Keri has a combination of sea and mountains tranquil countryside and village life.

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