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Adana Άδανα - Our City
Adana (the ancient Antioch in Cilicia or Antioch on the Sarus) is the capital of Adana Province in Turkey. The city administrates four districts, Seyhan ,Cukurova,Yüregir and Sariçam with a total population of 2,530,257 and an area of 1,945 km². It is the fifth most populous cityTurkey (after Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa). For most Turkish people, the word 'Adana' associates with Kebab, salgam, cotton, oranges and very hot weather. Adana is named among the 25 European Regions of the Future for 2006/2007 by Foreign Direct Investment Magazine. Chosen alongside Kocaeli for Turkey, Adana scored the most points for cost effectiveness against Kocaeli's points for infrastructure development, while Adana and Kocaeli tied on points for the categories of human resources and quality of life. Location One of the largest and most dynamic cities in Turkey and situated thirty kilometers (nineteen miles) inland, Adana is the gateway to the Cilician plain, now known as the Çukurova plain, the large stretch of flat and fertile land which lies to the south-east of the Taurus Mountains. This is possibly the most productive area in this part of the world. From Adana, crossing the Çukurova going west, the road from Tarsus enters the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. The temperature decreases with every foot of ascent; the road reaches an altitude of nearly 4,000 feet (1,200 m). It goes through the famous Cilician or Çukurova Gates, the rocky pass through which armies have coursed since the dawn of history, and continues to the Anatolian plain. The north of the city is surrounded by the Seyhan reservoir and HEP, which was completed in 1956. The dam has constructed for hydroelectric power (HEP) and to provide irrigation water to the lower part of Çukurova plain, agricultural cultivating area located in the south part of the city. Two irrigation channels in the city flow to the plain passing through the city center from east to west. Also there is another canal for irrigating the Yüregir plain to the southeast of the city. The name of the city is believed to have come from a legend that Adanus and Sarus, two sons of Uranus, came to a place near the Seyhan River where they built Adana. Adana's name has had many different versions over the centuries: Adanos, Ta Adana, Uru Adaniya, Erdene, Edene, Ezene, Batana, Atana, Azana, Addane. History The history of Adana is intrinsically linked to the history of Tarsus; they seem often to be the same city, moving as the neighbouring Seyhan River changed its position, and the name changed too over the course of centuries. The history of Adana goes back more than 3000 years; finds in the region reveal human occupation of the area during the Paleolithic Age. Adana today Adana has become an international metropolis, stretching and swallowing its neighbors. Adana is the marketing and distribution center for the Çukurova agricultural region, where cotton, wheat, corn, soy bean, barley, grapes and citrus fruits are produced in great quantities. The main industries of the city are textile manufacturing, leather tanning, and wool processing. The houses in Adana have flat tops, and the roofs serve as bedrooms for the inhabitants during the hot summers. The city of Adana today is administered by five district council authorities: Seyhan, Cukurova, Yüreðir, Sarýçam and Karaisalý. The city is also famous for its cuisine, including; the Adana kebab; þalgam, a salty fermented juice made from turnips; Þýrdan a kind of home-made sausage stuffed with rice, and eaten with cumin; paça, boiled sheep's feet; bicibici (pronounced as bee-jee-bee-jee) made from diced semolina, rose water and sugar and served with crushed ice, consumed especially in summer time. Furthermore, the city has a number of famous desserts, such as Halka Tatlý a round shaped dessert and Taþ Kadayýf a bow shaped dessert. Several types of fruit, including the apricot, are native to this area. NATO's Incirlik Air Base is located in town of Incirlik, 12 km (7 mi) east of Adana. Shopping in Adana is enhanced the 'American bazaar' a street market selling new and second-hand goods that have seeped out of the Incirlik Air-base. Sightseeing • Stone Bridge, built in part during the 6th-century reign of the Byzantine emperorJustinian I, the oldest extant bridge in the world which is still in use. • Yilanli Kale The ruins of a castle dating from 782. • Büyük Saat (The Great Clock), a large clock tower, was built by the local governor of Adana in 1882. Unfortunately, it was damaged during the French occupation but it was rebuilt in 1935, and its image can be found in the city's coat of arms. There are many historical buildings and tombs of local governors next to the Büyük Saat. • The old bazaar, Kazancilar Çarsisi (Bazaar of Cauldron-Makers), founded around Büyük Saat, where Çarsi Hamami (Bath of the Bazaar), a Turkish bath built in 1519 can be found. • Bebekli Kilise (Church of Babies) is an old Catholic church located in the city center. There are many historic houses in the street where the church is located. • Seyhan Dam • Ramazanoglu Türbesi • Varda (German) Bridge : Varda Bridge is in Karaisali which is a province of Adana. The railway bridge is near to Hacikiri village. it was made in 1903 by Germans. So people also call it German Bridge. if you want to see a beautiful view, you should visit the bridge. Mosques • Adana Ulu Camii • New Mosque • Butter mosque • Eski Camii • Sabancý Mosque • Alemdar Mescidi • Seyh Zülfi mescidi • Kizildag Ramazanoglu mosque Museums • Adana Museum • Adana Etnography Museum • Adana Archeological Museum • Adana Atatürk Museum • Misis Mosaic Museum Hammams • Irmak Hamami • Mestenzade Hamami • Yeni Hamam Festivals • Adana Golden Boll International Film Festival (Altýn Koza Film Festivali) Education • Çukurova University Railway • Adana Railway Station on the Baghdad Railway. • Airport • Adana Sakirpasa Airport Sports and Athletics There is a race-track and also two well-known football teams: • Adanaspor • Adana Demirspor

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