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Chez Jean-Mi

Chez Jean-Mi

Baranowo Μπαρανόβο - French week in Baranowo
our travels to EuropeanUNION countries children from kindergarten in Baranowo started in France. They had an opportunity to learn all of the traditions of that country, and its interesting history. They saw many pictures of famous buildings and listened about their history. Throughout the week, the youngest children had the opportunity to hear the national anthem of France - Marseillaise, see the French national flag and learn about the national emblem. Children also got to know the monuments located in France, found out that Paris is the capital city - the biggest city in Europe. They really enjoyed the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, but one of the most interesting thing was - as it is called Glass area - LA DEFENSE - full of strange, huge buildings with metal and glass. Within a week the children had the opportunity to eat real French breakfast in our "Petit Cafe dans ecole maternelle", or "Little preschool cafeteria. Children also spoke about French writers - the children were able to prove that the famous "Little Red Riding Hood" comes from France. During the whole week, children painted, drew, cut out and stick - the effects could have been seen in every room and lobby of the kindergarten, where everyone could see those works of art, such characteristic structures like the Eiffel Tower. one of the extremely interesting day was Friday, when a summary of "French Week" took place. the multimedia presentation about France was presented. Children could sing together a song in French, "Lord John" (fr. Frere Jacques), and also saw a characteristic French dance "On the bridge of Avignon" (fr. Awignon). They could also demonstrate the ability to speak French words such as: good morning (fr. bonjour) good bye (fr. au revoir), thanks (fr. merci) and enjoy your meal(fr. bon appetit). Children learned that Paris is the capital of fashion, so on this occasion the real fashion show was organised, where models were children from our the end a short quiz on France was carried out, the questions did not cause any difficulties even to the youngest. It was also a great fun, which has approached each other during action.dsc04909.jpgdsc04921.jpgdsc04928.jpgdsc04957.jpg

Creation date : 27/01/2010 · 15:17
Last update : 30/01/2010 · 21:45
Category : Baranowo Μπαρανόβο
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