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Chez Jean-Mi

Chez Jean-Mi

Oradea Οραντέα - The story of "Mărţişor"
                                   The Story . . .
            The story dates back from the time of the Roman occupation of Dacia, during a sun eclipse. It is said that the Sun, looking at the people having fun wanted to enjoy the pleasures of man. So he decided to come to Earth as a young man and take part to the festival. But his happiness was shortly lived because an ogre kidnapped and imprisoned him.
            The people were very sad because there was no more sun. The birds would not sing any more, the children weren't happy any more and the rivers stopped flowing. But still nobody dared to face the ogre, until one day when a brave warrior stepped forward and after taking his strength from the people, he went to challenge the ogre.
            He had searched for the ogre for three seasons, a summer, a fall and a winter until he had found its castle. When he arrived at the castle the brave warrior faced the ogre and they fought for days, until our warrior killed the ogre. In the end the exhausted warrior, with almost no strength, freed the Sun which immediately started to shine thus bringing spring again into the world. Unfortunately the warrior died before he could see the spring season. His warm blood flowed on to the snow until the last drop; where the drops fell a snowdrop rose.
            From that moment on young men make a white and red string wich they offer to the girls whom they love or to those close to them, the red colour reminds us of the warrior’s blood and the white is a symbol of health, purity of the snowdrop and the first flower of spring.
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Creation date : 01/03/2010 · 20:27
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Category : Oradea Οραντέα
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