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Chez Jean-Mi

Chez Jean-Mi

Baranowo Μπαρανόβο - green certificate
Preschoolers in Baranowo help the environment

 Since the beginning all the activities of our chldren have been focused on environmental protection . In  2009  we did something more. Our  kindergarten participated in the Foundation's Environmental Education Center in Warsaw, "Green Certificate".

The "Green Certificate" is an educational initiative, effectively supporting the educational system in Poland in shaping attitudes and raising awareness of children and communities around the educational institution. Kindergartens are awarded Green Certificate as one of the signs of the quality of education in Poland,  activities in the area of sustainable development.

After application and initial experts' visit who evaluated our existing operations in November 2009, we were classified by the Certification Committee for the XI edition of the "Green Certificate".

 Our project 'Garden of Four Seasons "has been chosen by the Council and Council of Teachers and Parents. the garden was  created at an untapped area in front of the kindergarten according to the scheduled timetable.

1.  University teachers helped us todevelopa list of plants for specific characteristics of the seasons.
2. We announced a competition among the parents on the draft zoning plan, They could choose one of three proposals prepared by the mother of our child

3. Other  parents prepared the terrain for further action
4. We devided work between the five groups, in October 2009 we started our project

I group-  parents bought the land and together with the children and nursery staff have prepared the ground for planting

the other groups - parents bought the plants for the garden for each of the seasons,All together with their children and teachers and other employees planted in a previously prepared and designated places.

5.  We held a Christmas market - with the Parent Council to raise the money
6. We have asked the mayor of Municipality Tranowo Podgorne for financial support of our initiative

7. We conducted a survey among parents - on the selection of our garden ornaments, survey shows that drinker for birds will be set up  in our garden
8. In February 2010 with the decision of the mayor we received a grant of money for the purpose of environmental education
9. We ordered a drinker for birds and signs and labels for marking plants in our garden

In April we will have a garden in all its glory. Everybody 'll enjoy the blooming plants, we will have a great place to preview changes, together with children in nature, we will cultivate these plants together, we think that  the action and experience is the best way for the development of proper attitudes

Creation date : 13/04/2010 · 21:32
Last update : 13/04/2010 · 21:32
Category : Baranowo Μπαρανόβο
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